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Harbin guest turns her retreat into performance art

posted on: Tuesday, November 9th, 2010 by T ORourke

tekkiWhile visiting a friend who had become a Harbin resident, award-winning solo artist Tekki Lomnicki had a few experiences that she thought should be shared with a larger audience. The result is “Clothing Optional,” a funny, touching, and insightful piece about becoming comfortable in your own skin. If you live in Chicago, be on the lookout for Tekki in this one-woman performance on area stages. Or you can book an appearance for your organization or gathering.

Also, read Tekki’s account of her first visit to the Harbin pools at

The Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields

posted on: Friday, November 5th, 2010 by T ORourke

fullsignal1106San Francisco, CA. The Commonwealth Club will host a half-day program on “The Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields with leading international experts Thursday, November 18, 2010. Registration and complimentary light lunch start at 11:15 a.m.; program begins promptly at 12:00 p.m. Tickets $20 members, $32 non-members, $10 students (with ID). Register at Commonwealth Club 415-597-6705 or

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The landmark program at the nation’s premiere public affairs forum is being co-organized by (, in association with Citizens for Health, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, Radiation Research Trust, the EMF Safety Alliance and the International EMF Alliance, and will be the largest public forum yet in the United States on the hazards of cell phones, wireless radiation and ‘Smart Meters’.

Increasingly, citizens, as well as children, are complaining of a range of ‘electrosensitivity’ symptoms experienced near sources of microwave radiation, such as cell phones, portable phones, wireless routers, wireless networks in schools, and cell towers, as well as near compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) and ‘smart meters’. At the same time, scientists, physicians and environmentalists are warning of a rapidly emerging public health issue, with increasing numbers of people becoming sensitive; immunological and neurological illnesses being linked to it; and numerous species of flora and fauna experiencing serious environmental distress.

Unlike other public health and environmental issues, such as asbestos, lead, DDT, tobacco and a myriad of chemical exposures, hazards of acute and chronic exposure to electromagnetic fields is of extreme concern to many scientists as the entire population is exposed and at risk. Besides the personal and economic suffering of the 3-8% of the population who are today ‘electrically sensitive’, and those who have related cancers and other chronic illnesses, importantly, this form of radiation is known to impair DNA repair processes. The consequences of long-term impact on genetic material remains unknown.

Panelist Martin Blank, PhD of Columbia University, Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics, says, “DNA, our precious genetic material, is particularly sensitive to electromagnetic fields. If we are to protect our genetic code, it is critical that we take steps as a society to protect DNA from damage. ”

The Commonwealth Club program will feature leading international experts on electromagnetic fields and health, none of whom receive funding from the telecommunications industry.
The Commonwealth Club Program on “The Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields” hopes to illuminate for the public important science showing health and environmental effects from electromagnetic fields. It is being sponsored by three Commonwealth Club Member-Led Forums–Health and Medicine, Environment and Natural Resources and Science and Technology.

Harbin Healers Present at National Conference

posted on: Thursday, November 4th, 2010 by T ORourke

Inika-Diane.jpg.They watched in awe as trauma was released and transformed in warm water. They were touched to see how, when held and moved in the compassionate heart field of Inika or Diane, the body felt safe enough to unwind from the grip of trauma. Diane Tegtmeier and Inika Spence, two seasoned Harbin healers, were presenting their work on Aquatic Bodywork for Treating Trauma to the national conference of the US Association for Body Psychotherapy. The psychotherapists loved it and several are interested in training.

Inika and Diane showed how the unique qualities of aquatic bodywork offered the essential elements of effective treatment of trauma. Bridging the gap between talk, touch and aquatic modalities, they demonstrated how body psychotherapies like Somatic Experiencing® and Hakomi® integrate well with Watsu®, Healing Dance, Waterdance and Aquatic Energy Work.

A detailed paper describing the principles of aquatic bodywork for healing trauma, illustrated by several case studies is available at Diane’s website ( or by emailing Inika ( Contact them to plan your personal trauma healing retreat at Harbin or to inquire about training opportunities.

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