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Harbin’s bookstore is extolled by many guests to be a “jewel” of a collection. In selecting titles, our bookseller looks for latest works from authors she already reveres — artful language, original thought, perennial philosophy (classics), and in-your-face creative panache of all kinds. Next time you’re at Harbin, stop by the bookstore and browse the shelves. You’re sure to be enticed!


A number of area residents and friends have published books about Harbin, their experiences here, or on related subjects. Here are just a few of the gems that have emerged from these mountains…



Oneness in Living: Kundalini Yoga, the Spiritual Path, and Intentional Community
Harbin founder’s unified vision of Harbin, the new age, life and spirituality.  ISBN:1-55643-413-8. 

“This book has grit and stamina – it’s clean. Ishvara has written about his life, not the ‘I am born’ kind, but one written with courage and clarity about his living work of Kundalini Yoga and Tantric yoga, about practicing masters and about his initiation into secret practices. This is going to blow your mind.” — Wavy Gravy, activist, clown, author of “Something Good for a Change”



The Big Bang and the Harbin Experience
Sajjad Wyne

Sajjad Wyne’s book provides “snapshots of an alternative way of living” at the Lake County resort Harbin Hot Springs. Wyne chronicles the religious, philosophical and psychological trends that took place in the Harbin community over the last 15 years.   ISBN: 0-944202-10-1

“Take it for what it is, a sardonic journey down memory lane. One man’s experience in a unique and magical land called Harbin. Simultaneously, you feel the sadness of a man who has put his heart and soul into his journey and still feels disconnected, and the hilarity of knowing that his fixation on other body parts has provided some comic relief to a serious journey of discovering the real meaning of life.” — Bunky Cermudjun



Harbin Hot Springs: Healing Waters, Sacred Land

Ellen Klages

There are many other Harbins lying just beyond the veil of the present. If you’d like to travel back in time, these words, maps and photographs will help guide you on your journey.   ISBN: 0-944202-01-02



Relationships that Heal: Skillful Practice within Nature’s Web
Diane Tegtmeier

This book brings professional ethics down to earth with a new, natural model that embraces the science, heart and spirit of today’s integrative health practices. Diane demonstrate how to respond with compassion and skill as you encounter issues of sexuality, power, money, dual relationships and more in your practice. She invites you to consciously enter nature’s web, where healing relationships become co-creative sacred partnerships in the evolutionary dance of life.    ISBN: 0-7414-5520-X.

“Integral healing has found an innovative thinker in Diane Tegtmeier. Relationships that Heal is a must read for anyone who practices healing in today’s world.” — Peter Amato, CEO, Inner Harmony Group


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