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For centuries, the land and hot springs here have been regarded by Native Americans as sacred and healing. Harbin is a magical place – 1700 acres of woodlands nestled on the mountainside, where you breathe the freshest air, surrounded by natural beauty. Harbin is an oasis that offers an alternative lifestyle, away from the anxiety and stress of today’s fast-paced, high-tech world.


We – the approximately 150 Harbin residents – come from varied walks of life, and join as a team to run all aspects of Harbin and live together in community. We gladly accept the responsibility of providing service to our guests who come for rest, reflection and renewal. We create community in our lives by living, working and growing together. Harbin is a place that encourages personal development through service.


We invite applicants for residency of any age, gender, national origin, race, sexual orientation and spiritual belief. Diversity enriches the aliveness of our community. Before you consider applying for residency, it is essential that you have already visited Harbin to have a taste of the life here.


Depending on the time of year, or community needs, there may be specialized employment opportunities for individuals that live in our nearby communities.


Human Resources may be reached at (707) 987-2994 ext.128.




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