Harbin Healers Present at National Conference

Inika-Diane.jpg.They watched in awe as trauma was released and transformed in warm water. They were touched to see how, when held and moved in the compassionate heart field of Inika or Diane, the body felt safe enough to unwind from the grip of trauma. Diane Tegtmeier and Inika Spence, two seasoned Harbin healers, were presenting their work on Aquatic Bodywork for Treating Trauma to the national conference of the US Association for Body Psychotherapy. The psychotherapists loved it and several are interested in training.

Inika and Diane showed how the unique qualities of aquatic bodywork offered the essential elements of effective treatment of trauma. Bridging the gap between talk, touch and aquatic modalities, they demonstrated how body psychotherapies like Somatic Experiencing® and Hakomi® integrate well with Watsu®, Healing Dance, Waterdance and Aquatic Energy Work.

A detailed paper describing the principles of aquatic bodywork for healing trauma, illustrated by several case studies is available at Diane’s website (www.dianetegtmeier.com) or by emailing Inika (inikasati@gmail.com). Contact them to plan your personal trauma healing retreat at Harbin or to inquire about training opportunities.

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