New program offers a retreat from the Internet

freedomWe often see Harbin guests looking a bit strained during their first hours of a retreat once they realize that they’ve entered a wifi-free world. Sure, they can use the cyber cafe by the library, but the payment system and fixed location are (purposely) inconvenient. So most decide to grin and “bare it” with a soak in the pools, or hike, or yoga class, or kirtan. And they begin to realize how many hours a day they now have for more interesting endeavors. 

If you’d like to try bringing this “unplugged” experience back home with you after your visit to Harbin, check out Freedom, a simple computer application for Macs and PCs. It’s just $10, and can be programmed to lock you away from the Internet for up to 8 hours at a time. We haven’t tried it, but they’ve collected some fairly impressive testimonials. Now you just need to find a hot spring in your backyard… 

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