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Use your gift card for:

  • Membership
  • Day Visits & Camping
  • Tent Cabins
  • Rooms & Cottages
  • Massage or Spa services
  • Harbin Restaurant
  • Harbin Market
  • Blue Room Café

When you give a Harbin Hot Springs gift card to someone you love, you give more than just a room or a massage. You give the Harbin experience – an opportunity to turn inward, to rediscover and appreciate who one is. What a gift, indeed!


Harbin gift cards may be purchased in any dollar amount, and have no expiration date. So you can give a special treat, or an all-inclusive retreat.


A Harbin gift card is also convenient to use as your own “cash card” during your visit. Just purchase one at the front desk in the Main Office upon your arrival, and use it throughout your stay.


You may purchase gift cards in person, by fax, or by phone using your charge card. (To order by phone, we suggest that you complete the fax form so you are ready when you call.) To order by fax, simply download the Harbin Card Order Form (pdf), print it, complete it, and fax it to us at (707) 987-0616.


To order, call (707) 987-2477

California toll-free 1-800-622-2477

Or fax your order form: 707-987-0616

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