“Only at Harbin”

          If you’re a Harbin regular, you’ve doubtless joined Harbin residents in enjoying our activities. You’ve gone to meals, shows, and parties with us and we’ve gotten IMG_2963
to know you as one of the family. This is our home and you’re our welcomed guest. So it must have seemed odd, one Wednesday night, when you joined a resident dinner in the restaurant and then were discouraged from following us upstairs for an after-dinner show – it was “residents only”. You must have wondered at how the room roared loudly with hilarity and laughter that reverberated down the staircase. You must have been curious. And sadly, you must have felt left out.


          Well, beloved guest, weep no more!  Thanks to Jessica Sage, our new Events Co-ordinator whose professional theater and television experience began practically in the cradle, you will no longer have to press your nose against the glass. We now have a summer theater outdoors in the Garden – and this time, everyone’s invited!  The Harbin-themed shows you missed before, written by the uniquely talented Eric Richardson, will be performed by the Harbin Players every week-end all summer!


          Thrill as workshop leaders and gurus lead you through the nuances of the New Age! Marvel as Harbin counselors and body-workers fix all your problems! Weep as sage advice is dispensed with Oprah-like insight to the lovelorn! You will leave the theater wiser – and jollier! – than when you went in. If you were wondering what the Heart Consciousness Church is all about, now you’ll know. And, you will have a new perspective on those things that happen “Only at Harbin”.


          Don’t forget to bring something ($10) for the collection plate!

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